How to replace the yeast?


In baking, when preparing a cake or individual cookies, baking powder is very often used. But sometimes, after starting your recipe, you realize that there is no more baking powder in the cupboards. So the question arises, what should you use to replace baking powder in a cake? Thanks to a few tricks from grandma, you will no longer be deprived and you will learn to cook with ingredients other than baking powder, which will still make your pastries rise!

Getting to know the yeast better in order to replace it properly

It is interesting to be familiar with baking yeast in order to better know what to replace it with. Initially, it is a leavening agent, with three main elements: an acid (cream of tartar), a basic (sodium bicarbonate) and a neutral (corn or potato starch) that will stabilize the mixture to prevent it from acting too quickly. The leavening effect therefore comes from the mixture of the acidic element and the basic element.

Baking soda instead of yeast

You always have a little bicarbonate of soda in your cupboards, which you can use in the kitchen as well as for household chores. Prepare your cake according to your usual recipe. When adding a bag of baking powder, replace it with a teaspoon of baking soda. If your preparation includes a pinch of salt, avoid adding it to the dough because baking soda is naturally salty. As a bonus, your pastry will also be more digestible since this is one of the virtues of baking soda. In fact, it is a very popular ingredient in Anglo-Saxon pastry making.

To be effective, baking soda needs to be mixed with a moist, liquid paste and subjected to heat. To accentuate its effects, you can add an acidic element such as a teaspoon of lemon juice to your preparation. If your paste is dry enough, add a few tablespoons of milk as well.

Alternatives to baking soda

When you don’t have baking soda, you can use other techniques to make a nice airy cake. For example, think of beaten egg whites, which will add lightness. To fix the air bubbles in the cake dough, add a little powdered sugar when beating the egg whites.

If you don’t have baking powder, you can also use leaven. But you will have to anticipate a little by preparing it two to three days in advance. In a bowl, mix a little wholemeal flour with warm water. Add a little salt and mix again until you obtain a homogeneous dough. Leave to rest in a warm place until the mixture ferments.